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Sylvie Rabussier au travail, Le Chemin Debussy, _Jardin sous la pluie_.jpg


Discover here the works of French artist Sylvie Rabussier. From monumental mosaics to painted works, Sylvie Rabussier's artistic production is diverse and includes an important body of work. It works both in the context of public orders and private orders. 


"I, the undersigned Gerald Van der Kemp, member of the Institute, Honorary Inspector General of the Museums of France, Honorary Chief Curator of the Estate and Palace of Versailles and Trianon, Honorary Curator of the Claude Monet Foundation,

certify that in view of the talent and passion for her work, I myself presented Sylvie Rabussier for


I consider her a great artist, and I am an admirer of her work."

Gerald Van der Kemp


© Sylvie Rabussier, L'Infante (détail), 2014, mosaïque murale, 

 H. 1,75 m L. 0,70 m, sur pignon de l'atelier de l'artiste, Chambourcy  (France)

© ADAGP 2022


In tribute to Velasquez's Meninas, Sylvie Rabussier created this mosaic-window on the facade of her studio. 


© Sylvie Rabussier, Rajasthan, 2001, installation-mosaïque,

H. 7 m, L.. 5 m, patio central résidence Polylogis, Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France)

© ADAGP 2022


Commissioned by Polylogis, this mosaic installation is in the central patio of a private residence.

Le Chemin Debussy, _Romance_.jpg

© Sylvie Rabussier, "Romance" (détail), Le Chemin Debussy, 1993, ensemble de mosaïques monumentales in situ,

L. 300 m (totalité de l'œuvre), Chemin d'accès du collège Claude Debussy, Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France)

©ADAGP 2022

Le Chemin Debussy

Le Chemin Debussy, created by Sylvie Rabussier, is a public work in situ, 300 meters long, in homage to the composer Claude Debussy. It is a work-course that allows you to gradually enter the universe of the musician. It is located on the access road to Collège Claude Debussy in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (78100). It was restored by Sylvie Rabussier in 2012 and re-inaugurated as part of the events around the 150th anniversary of Claude Debussy and the Heritage Days. 

Les droits de l'homme et les devoirs du citoyen.jpg

© Sylvie Rabussier, Les Droits de l'homme et les devoirs du citoyen (détail), 2003, mosaïque murale,

H. 2 m, L. 1,40 m, sauvée de la destruction, aujourd'hui conservée dans l'atelier de l'artiste, Chambourcy (France)

© ADAGP 2022

Les Droits de l'Homme & les Devoirs du Citoyen

Following post-riot emergency mediation in Dammarie-les-Lys (77190), followed by extensive social and cultural mediation throughout the Plaine du Lys by Sylvie Rabussier (mediator and artist), This mural mosaic is part of a set of ten mural mosaic works symbolizing the theme of human rights and the duties of the citizen. 

Quand les arbres se souviennent.jpg

© Sylvie Rabussier, Quand les arbres se souviennent (détail), 1991, mosaïque murale, 

H. 16 m, L. 11 m, mur pignon du Collège Le Rondeau, Rambouillet (France)

©ADAGP 2022

Quand les arbres se souviennent…

16 meters high and 11 meters wide, this monumental mosaic adorns the gable end of Le Rondeau college, in Rambouillet, facing the park of the Château de Rambouillet.


© Sylvie Rabussier, Reverdie (détail), 1989, six colonnes mosaïques,

H. 7 m, foyer du théâtre de Fontenay-le-Fleury (France)

© ADAGP 2022


In the foyer of the Fontenay-le-Fleury theater (78330), built by the architect Michel Rouet, Sylvie Rabussier created a set of large mosaic columns. The seasons are then linked to the play of light.

Hommage à Klimt.jpg

© Sylvie Rabussier, Hommage à Klimt (détail), 2017, mosaïque, 

H. 1,75 m L. 0,70 m, collection de l'artiste, Chambourcy (Paris)

© ADAGP 2022

Hommage à Klimt

In homage to Kiss by Gustav Klimt, Sylvie Rabussier created this mosaic work which is now in her studio. It inaugurates a series of tributes to the great works of the story art.

Il me faut comprendre le hêtre pourpre.jpg

© Sylvie Rabussier, Il me faut comprendre l'hêtre pourpre (détail), 2016, œuvre graphique, crayons, pastels sur papier,

H. 1,75 m, L. 4 m, collection de l'artiste, Chambourcy (France)

© ADAGP 2022

Il me faut comprendre le hêtre pourpre

In the Désert de Retz, an 18th century Anglo-Chinese garden in Chambourcy, Sylvie Rabussier discovered an imposing purple beech tree which is the subject of a series of paintings. 

Désert de Retz 1.jpg

© Sylvie Rabussier, "diptyque", série Le Désert de Retz  (détail), 2015, peinture à l'huile sur papier kraft,

H. 1,75 m L.. 2 x 0,75 m,  collection de l'artiste, Chambourcy (France)

© ADAGP 2022

Désert de Retz 2.jpg

© Sylvie Rabussier, "n°64" (diptyque), série Le Désert de Retz  (détail), 2019, technique mixte,

H. 1,75 m L.. 2 x 1,20 m,  collection de l'artiste, Chambourcy (France)

© ADAGP 2022

Le Désert de Retz (série)

Sylvie Rabussier has been doing artistic research since 2015 on the Retz Desert, an extraordinary Anglo-Chinese garden dating from the late 18th century. This serial work has resulted in the creation of more than fifty paintings, sketches and graphic works. A video and pictorial installation project is under consideration. 

All the works of Sylvie Rabussier are protected by copyright and literary and artistic intellectual property,

gered by ADAGP. 

For any request, contact directly                            or the                                                                                             

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