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Sylvie Rabussier is an extremely active artist who participates in and organizes many cultural events. 

Discover here the various news of Sylvie Rabussier.

Recent news

La petite sœur de l'Infante.jpg


Sylvie Rabussier is currently working on the realization of the "sister of the Infante". This work corresponds to the second version of the Infante, still in homage to Vélasquez’s Menines.


It is planned that the two works will possibly form a diptych. 

Many variations, based on the original drawings, are being made.

The Infanta's going to have a little sister! 


Past news & exhibitions


European Days of Crafts
"Le Mandala", retrospective of Saint-German works by Sylvie Rabussier

A first: entirely dematerialized exhibition by Sylvie Rabussier as part of the Journées European Arts and Crafts 2021 at the MAS of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France).

Thanks ! You have been more than 5000 visitors in just one week!



Preventive conservation Le Chemin Debussy

After long battles and numerous negotiations with the Yvelines departmental council, sponsor of the work, Sylvie Rabussier obtained a preventive conservation measure in 2020. There is a denaturation of the work of art due to a partial derivation of the path (stilltopical!).


For the moment, the department has proceeded to set up large photographic prints of the parts of the work inaccessible and invisible to the public. 


This work is at the center of the concerns of the artist and his team!