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Sylvie Rabussier,
Professional artist

Sylvie Rabussier is a professional artist. Graduated from the Duperré Superior School that she graduates. She continued her studies at the mosaic school in Spilimbergo (Italy), then by university studies in plastic arts at the Sorbonne Paris 1. She also obtained the CAPES in Plastic Arts and Applied Arts (major).

In 1982, she became the winner of the Fondation de la Vocation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet prize under the patronage of His Majesty King Baudouin of Belgium, presented by Gérald Van der Kemp, member of the Institute.


In parallel with this research, from 1982 to the present day, she successfully participated in numerous competitions and public commission projects, producing monumental works for various French administrations and communities.

This creativity was rewarded in 1995 with the Prix Jean des Vignes Rouges from the Academy of Versailles, Yvelines and the Ile de France Region, crowning a career already rich in these many achievements.


For more than 40 years now, she has been teaching art, mosaic, drawings, paintings and art history in her studio. Sylvie Rabussier has designed and produced numerous cultural mediations within the framework of city policy.


The Atelier, under its aegis, participates in numerous artistic and cultural events.

This constant excitement illustrates the transmission of know-how offered by Sylvie Rabussier.



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